Book Review: The Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian


The Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

A scoundrel who lives in the shadows

Jack Turner grew up in the darkness of London’s slums, born into a life of crime and willing to do anything to keep his belly full and his siblings safe. Now he uses the tricks and schemes of the underworld to help those who need the kind of assistance only a scoundrel can provide. His distrust of the nobility runs deep and his services do not extend to the gorgeous high-born soldier who personifies everything Jack will never be.

A soldier untarnished by vice

After the chaos of war, Oliver Rivington craves the safe predictability of a gentleman’s life-one that doesn’t include sparring with a ne’er-do-well who flouts the law at every turn. But Jack tempts Oliver like no other man has before. Soon his yearning for the unapologetic criminal is only matched by Jack’s pleasure in watching his genteel polish crumble every time they’re together.

Two men only meant for each other

-From Goodreads

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Let me start off this review with a hearty HELL YES! I was just bumming around on tumblr when I saw a post about this book and I immediately bought the ebook. I started freaking out about it before I even read it. Why? Because its a gay historical romance novel, and I need that in my life.


-as you can see I was pretty excited.

Now on to my review. I loved this book. Not only because it was a gay historical romance novel, but because it was so well written. The characters were vivid and well rounded. The dialogue was great. It was just so fresh.

First off let me tell you how much I adore Jack Turner. He’s a snarky, resourceful ‘fixer’. He’s the guy you want to call if you have a problem. A former thief, valet and jack of all illegal trades, he now fixes problems. He’s a salty individual with no love for high society. I love him.

Oliver Rivington could have been written as a standoffish holier than thou lord, but he wasn’t. Honorable and somewhat rigid,  he was also sweet and caring. He was injured and had seen the worst parts of war but as the book went along he really came out of his shell.

The secondary characters were great. I want to learn more about them. Apparently the next book is about Georgie, Jacks brother, and I am so excited about that.

There were interesting suspense plots, although in my opinion they  weren’t as fleshed out as I would like them to be. But it was enough. However because of my love for suspense novels, I would have enjoyed more.

The romance itself was great. They were from such different parts of society, and that was the main source of conflict. Jack hated noblemen and Oliver didn’t like the indifference to rules that Jack had. I don’t want to give too much away but I really liked how that worked out.

Overall I was really happy with this book. I am looking forward to the next book.

-historical romance/suspense/mm romance-

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