2016 Wrap Up: It’s finally over.

Its the end of the year, and it’s time to wrap up my reading challenge. Let me tell you. 2016 was a crap (shit) year. Not great. Not only was I in a book slump for basically the entire year, my personal life basically exploded, and I got nothing written. And I am not even going to mention everything else that happened this year. So here’s to 2016, thank god its over.

I had some interesting reading choices, mostly rereads that I never tracked before on Goodreads. I read a lot more gay romance, which was pretty cool. I realized that my Hoopla account had a whole lot of gay romance, but I figured that out in December so it didnt really help my reading goal. I didn’t do many reviews, which sucks. Sometimes I get discouraged with reviews because I tend to lag behind when new books come out, and who wants a review about a book that came out in 1992? But then I think, “I do, I want that review.” So maybe 2017 will be the year of reviews.

Also, and this is going to sound really stupid, but this year I had to lower my reading goal on Goodreads from 200 to 120. Which made me really unhappy with myself. It’s stupid, I know but I am so used to really devouring books that it makes me feel like I didn’t accomplish much. Whatever, next year will be my year. Also, I hate that Goodreads doesn’t count rereads as part of the reading goal, because I read Poison Study at least 8 times this year.



My goals for 2017!

+ Finally read Crooked Kingdom. I need to get myself in gear. I cannot believe I haven’t read this yet.

+ Read 200 books.

+ Review at least 20 books.

+Be more involved in the book community. (I’m looking at you booklr.)

+Finish my damn novel.


What are your goals for 2017?


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