+1 To Your Reading Skill: Add More Reading To Your Life

If you are anything like me you have a busy life. Between work, writing, friends and family, its hard to fit reading into my schedule. And yes, I do work in a library but that doesn’t mean I read all day. (Although I really would like to.)

Adding reading to your life can be hard. The best way (in my opinion) to add more reading into your life is to take it one page at a time. Don’t go into it like you are going to read an entire book every time you open a book. Because if you do, you will just get frustrated. There are many ways to add reading to your life, and it can be just the smallest changes that can make the biggest differences. Here are some of the things that I do in order to sneak more reading into my life.

Ebooks. Specifically on my phone is what I use to sneak more reading into my life. I use the time that I would use to check social media to get through a couple of pages. I use a variety of apps, some where you pay for the books (kindle, nook, audible) and some that are free (Emedialibrary/overdrive, Axis360 and Hoopla). The free apps are all from my library, and I highly recommend to check out your local library for resources. Basically if I’m standing around waiting for anything, I will just use that time to read just a few pages.

If you don’t like eBooks, that’s okay! Then carry a couple of books around with you. It’s the same concept, but heavier.

Audiobooks. Some people don’t like audiobooks and I get that. Sometimes they move a bit too slow for me. But when you get a good book with a great narrator then the book really comes alive and your commute is much easier. I’m not sure about you but when I’m driving to work my 45 minute commute goes much easier when I have a book being read to me.

Don’t read books that don’t interest you. I have been guilty of being the person that has to finish every book I start, and that absolutely sucks. Its hard for me to give up on books, but sometimes you just have to. Life is too short to read books that you don’t want to read. If you don’t like it, it’s okay to not finish it. Forcing yourself to read books that you don’t like will just get you frustrated. It isn’t worth it.

Find yourself a third space. Some people, like myself, really only have two places where they consistently read. Mine is at work and at home. Recently I have been going to the library in my hometown more often and using that as my third space. It’s beneficial for me to have that kind of dedicated space that isn’t my home or work. Sometimes (all the time) I get distracted and end up playing video games or something rather than read.

And lastly, don’t force yourself to read. Seriously. If you aren’t in the mood, then you aren’t in the mood. Embrace your book slump with dignity and go do something else.

What are your tips to add reading into your life?




One thought on “+1 To Your Reading Skill: Add More Reading To Your Life

  1. The Paperback Princess says:

    I read on my phone too! I never really liked ebook format, but with a baby on the hip, it’s so much more convenient.
    My ways of sneaking a couple of pages also involve me on the toilet. Lol.

    If I don’t like a book, i normally don’t bother finishing it.
    As for audiobooks..maybe it’s just me, but I don’t count that as reading..

    Liked by 1 person

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