RTBChallenge2017: Weekly Wrap Up #6


So last week was a right mess, but some good things happened! Rereading was finally added to Goodreads! They are rolling it out in stages so if you haven’t gotten it yet, don’t worry you will have it soon. I have already taken advantage of the rereading feature and I love it.

Also my bad again about posting this on the wrong day.


(Ratings now included!)2017ch-1

Read a romance book:

The Lawrence Brown Affair by Cat Sebastian (****/5)

Going Deep by Anne Calhoun (**/5)


Photo Challenges Completed:

Seriously I’m going to do it.

Review Challenge: (review a book a month)

Nothing yet this month!


11,022 words out of 200,000 words – Last week wasn’t the greatest for inspiration.

So I’m definitely going to review The Lawrence Brown Affair by Cat Sebastian, and I will probably review Going Deep by Anne Calhoun. It will probably take me a while to start taking pictures. I’ve currently moved back to my mothers in order to help out and I just don’t have access to a lot of my physical books.

How has your 2017 challenges been going?


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