Book Journal

What do you do when you have a bunch of favorite quotes and a ton of time on your hands? Make a book journal!


In order to show my favorite books some love I started incorporating them into a scrapbook. It’s evolving from there. Some things have made it in that aren’t book related. *gasp* But I think they deserve to be in there. What are you gonna do? Arrest me?

Sorry in advance for some of these pictures, the lighting where I was at was dismal.



This is where it all started. I got a signed bookmark from Maria V. Snyder, and I wanted to showcase it somewhere. I didn’t want to use it and then lose it somewhere along with all of the rest of my bookmarks. So I decided to put it in a journal. I was originally going to use this journal for a day to day bullet journal, but the lined paper wasn’t working for me.


Of course the first thing I decided to put in the journal was the Poison Study series. I realized quickly I wanted to put quotes as well as the book covers. I then started putting quotes in the Shatter Me novels page, but I knew I wanted to do more, I just wasn’t sure how.


Then I started to get fancy with it. I wanted 3 dimensions in this journal. I wanted more. I am super proud of the Shadow and Bone page.

The other page is me testing some things. I wanted to make sure those cardboard disks would stay on the page, and they sure do. I kind of like it. I’m planning to put more quotes about books on there.


The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce is probably my favorite series from her. She has a bunch to choose from and they are all very good. Also Written in Red is a masterclass on word-building and I highly recommend it. I started to add more and more quotes and I definitely like it.


If you are looking for a funny memoir I highly recommend Destination Truth: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter by Josh Gates. I loved his show and the book is laugh out loud funny. I didn’t put any of my favorite quotes on there because I didn’t want to rewrite the whole book.

SIX OF CROWS. I had just read Six of Crows when I made that page. I probably spent more time doing it than actually talking to anyone that day. I am immensely proud of it. The different colored inks and writing styles are the coolest.


So here is where I start putting things in here that aren’t book related. The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse is one of my favorite paintings. I used to have a large printout from the art museum of it but it got lost somewhere in the move. So I added it to my book journal instead. Here’s hoping I don’t lose this.

Throne of Glass page was a great addition. I really tried more and more different writing fonts, which was a lot of fun.


Scarlet is a great book, however it didn’t have a lot of quotes that I really liked. So I wanted to fill up the page but I didn’t know how. The end result looks cool and I am really proud of it.

The Raven Boys took a lot of time, I wanted it to be dramatic and cool. I also wanted each quote to be different looking than each other, because I ran into a problem on the Throne of Glass page that some of the quotes looked like they belonged together. So I used more color.


Hey look crystals! I totally didn’t spend days making those. (They were originally going to be bookmarks, but again I lose a lot of bookmarks.)

And there is the start of the Poison Study pages. I know I put them in at the beginning but I love them so much!


Here’s Magic Study along with The Moon and The Stars by Alphonse Mucha.


And Fire Study along with some art that I made. I haven’t done any more of the series, but they are coming.


Cinder took an interesting turn. Can you tell I messed up?

Stop whatever you are doing and go read The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. (Read my review.) I like the way this page turned out. Especially the “I’m a blood-soaked girl.”


Every book journal needs a TBR list. Also I messed up on the ‘K’ stamp. It’s harder than it looks. Or I’m an idiot. One of the two. Are they any books that you recommend? I’ll add it to this page.

Magonia had a bunch of long quotes, that I wasn’t sure it was all going to fit. But it worked out.


Another instance of things not book related. Roller derby is awesome and it belongs in the book.

Scorpio Races was a page that I struggled on. I wish I had put more colors in. But hey, its done. It still looks cool.

That’s all I have done right now.

How do I do it?

  • As I read, I pick my favorite books and print out the covers. So right now I have a bunch of pages that are empty except for a book cover. That way I am planning out the pages beforehand. So if I am reading a series, I can block out the next couple of pages for the other ones in the series.
  • I then do a thorough reread of the books and pick out quotes.
  • I pick out the colors that I’m going to use, get any graphics or stickers I am going to use. I kind of plan out how I want the page to look before I start writing the quotes down. Sometimes for different fonts I look up cool looking ones online and practice writing them before I commit. But sometimes I don’t, because who has that kind of time.

It’s time consuming but really fun. I highly recommend doing this.

If you plan on doing this a couple of tips:



Does anyone do something similar? I would love to see yours! Is anyone going to start one?


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