Review Policy

I accept review requests for all books, except for children’s books and horror.

I accept e-book formats and physical copies. Please be aware that I will take photos of the books I am reading so I tend to take more photos of physical copies of books.

I do try to read books in a timely manner, there may be a delay in reading and reviewing. I do not and cannot accept every book review request.

I will post the reviews on this blog, tumblr, and goodreads. Be aware that I am completely honest with my reviews and I reserve the right to take down any reviews.

Book Review Rating System

5 Stars: Awesome! I loved it!

4 Stars: Very good! Liked a lot of it!

3 Stars: It was good.

2 Stars: I liked parts of it.

1 Star: Not for me.

0 Stars: NOPE

DNF: Did not finish

My reviews will go more in depth into why I gave it that rating. At times I may add a .5 to my star rating (example: 3.5 stars out of 5. Not exactly a 4 star rating but not a 3 star.)

My preferred method of contact is through my email. Either fill out a contact form here or email me directly at